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hypocritically going to church every sunday, coming home to torture us? >> why the state department is shutting down dozens of american embassies. >>> plus, russia takes edward snowden out of limbo. >>> what anthony weiner has to say about his sexting alias. >>> and robin thicke stars on late night. >>> good morning, i'm betty ngyuen. >>> dramatic moments in an ohio courtroom when a home held against her will for a decade comes face-to-face with her kidnapper. nbc's jay gray was there. >> reporter: wiping away tears, michelle knight for the first time since her escape shared the same room for the man that held her captive and terrorized her for more than a decade. >> i wasn't armed. you will die a little every day and you think about the 11 years and atrocities you inflicted on us. >> daily physical, mental and emotional abuse, outlined for the first time today by prosecutors who showed the inside of what they call ariel castro's house of horrors, where knight, amanda berry and gina dejesus were violently assaulted starved and chained so they couldn't leave. now it's castro who is shackled so h
is only 7% contained and is the size of chicago. >>> the situation in sera is becoming dire as the u.s. pushes for proof of chemical weapons and ryes to rally an international response. >>> miley cyrus's performance at the mtv video music awards is burning up all over the world. >>> donald trump sued over trump university, a baby panda has the country's attention. good morning. nice to see you. i'm veronica de la cruz. filed fires battling a wildfire near yosemite have firefighters on high alert. new this morning, officials say the fire could impact san francisco's water supply. flames are currently burning just five miles from the hetch reservoir. jay gray is in tow wall me. >> reporter: the rim fire gusting near than 40 miles an hour continues its attack. as the fire continues to grow, so does the army of teams pouring into the northern california mountains to battle the massive blaze. >> we're up to more than 2800 personnel on the fire. and it's the number one fire in the country right now. they're giving us what we need. >> reporter: air strikes, hotshots along the leading edge of
. >>> good thursday morning, right now on "first look" is a u.s. military strike on syria imminent? we're live in the region. >> four major illnesses tied to a lack of sleep and 9 million americans taking prescription pills? the results of a five year sleep study. >>> send a text to a driver and you could be held responsible if there's a car accident. i'll talk to colonel jack jacobs. plus as fast food workers across america prepare to strike today, taking in the dream 50 years later. a classified payload heads to space and an albino alligator gets acupuncture for back pain, really? >>> thousands of syrians are trying to flee the country in advance of a potential u.s. lead military strike. refugee sites are springing up across the border and the entire mideast is on edge. in neighboring israel there's a run on gas masks. they're lining up at distribution centers thinking they might be syria's next target and this morning president obama is confirming the use of chemical weapons by the assad regime. >> we have concluded that the syrian government carried these out. there is a prospect o
news out of yemen. the u.s. state department is urging all u.s. citizens there to leave immediately due to the continued potential for terrorist attacks. it also ordered not emergency government staff to leave as well. the security area, the threat there is considered extremely high and tensions are already elevate elevated with 19 u.s. embassies closed through saturday. sources tell nbc news intercepted communications prommed those closures. sources say two of al qaeda's top leaders, quote, wanted to do something big this past sunday during ramadan. those leaders are said to be al qaeda's chief and his deputy in yemen. communication did not reveal a specific target or method and sources say the most likely targeted country was thought to be yemen. >>> developing overnight, a shooting in pennsylvania leaves three people dead and cull nats with two people tackling the gun. man and shooting him with his own gun. three people including the gunman were injured. this happened last night at the regular monthly meeting of ross township supervisors. that's when a 59-year-old fired into the wind
to a state prosecutor that confirmed to us that the charges are still premeditated murder, they believe that pistorius that reeva was in that bathroom when he fired those shots. most interesting on the indictment some of the state witnesses heard a woman scream, followed by gun shots, and then the woman screaming. veronica? >> claudio, thank you. >>> more bloodshed in egypt, as more promorsi supporters are killed. the new york times reports that the obama administration is taking preliminary steps to withhold aid to egypt. >> with the recent violent crackdown i don't see how we can continue aid. >> the act of the last few days is completely uncon shenable. i believe we have to change our aid. >> change our relationship with the military. >> joining us live now from cairo is yussef, what is the latest. >> reporter: another attack in the border town of rafa. in the northern town of the sinai peninsula. nbc news has learned that 28 conscripts from the police were on their way in two mini buses to the town, they were ambushed by armed gunmen. they were ordered down and then machine gun fire
by boat. nbc meteorologist bill karins will be here to keep us posted on that story. >>> a wildfire in southern california grew larger and now it's on the move. the silver fire has grown to 22 square miles and is burning an estimated 1,000 acres an hour. the latest update puts the blaze at just 20% contained. local officials have ordered nearly 2,000 people out of the area, 26 homes have already been destroyed, at least one man has suffered serious burns and five firefighters have also been injured with heat exhaustion. they'll be off the job for at least 24 hours. >>> the multistate man hunt for james lee dimaggio has taken another dramatic turn. the man suspected of kidnapping 15-year-old hanna anderson and her 8-year-old brother ethan may be armed with explosives. police found the second body in the charred house that is yet to be identified but they believe it may be ethan's. in a statement thursday, officials -- dimaggio may have shaved his goatee. >>> the state department thursday warned americans not to travel to pakistani and evacuated all but emergency staff. this threat is
suspected of using performance enhancing drugs. mlb is threatening to kick him out of the game all together. the new york daily news reports an investigation has turned up e-mails, text messages and other information showing rodriguez recruited athletes from the clinic and try to buy incriminating evidence. >>> george zimmerman was pulled over for speeding and police said he had a gun with him. it handed 25 miles east of dallas. zimmerman told the officer he had a gun in his glove compartment and was going, quote, nowhere in particular. the officer instructed him to slow down and released him with a verbal rp whatting. texas state law allows a person to carry a gun in a vehicle as long as it's not in plain view. zimm zimmer's lawyer posted that they are working to secure his privacy. >>> this, after a new bombshell from the nsa. kelly o'donnell explains. . this is a recurring -- >> the brief new look inside the secrets of the nsa. the director of national intelligence released several documents to show an oversight of the spy program that sweeps up americans phone record data and the govern
show with jay leno, mr. obama called the safety concerns significant and this morning many u.s. embassies and kons lats remain closed as we learn more about the threat. tracie potts is live now in washington with the latest. tracy, good morning. >> good morning. there is height ened concern about that threat because today is the 15th anniversary of our dead will he bombings in tanzania and kenya. 200 people were killed there. as a result of the tension and concern in that region, there is something that caught our eye there today, a huge fire in kenya this morning. >> reporter: there's nothing going in or out of kenya's airport this morning because of this huge fire. no word if it's connected to today's 15th anniversary of deadly bombings at our embassy there and in tanzania. the whole region is on alert. 19 u.s. embassies and consulates remain closed all week due to a terror threat. on jay leno last it in, president obama said it's a reminder. >> violence extremism is still out there. and we've got to stay on top of it. >> reporter: the air force evacuated 100 americans from o
. will the u.s. send in the military? >>> it's now described as one of the biggest wildfires in california history. over 3700 firefighters battling a blaze that is just 20% contained. >>> american hero, ty carter received our highest honor. we'll tell you his incredible story of bravery. >>> plus, president obama's likely nominee for new fed head. a major dog fighting ring busted and marking 50 years since this man and his message changed the world. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm betty nguyen. secretary of state john kerry says the evidence is clear. the man mouth human suffering undeniable. >> it defies any code of morality. let me be clear, the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral on sce obscenity. >> ayman mohyeldin is live in cairo. >> reporter: the u.n. inspection team will head back out into the eastern part of damascus where they completed their first day yesterday. now as we were talking about it earlier, they did meet with eye witnesses, interview some of the patients that were being treate
got there. telling us what exactly the nsa does might be a nice next step, you guys. >>> good tuesday morning. right now on "first look," the west continues to be a tinderbox as crews battle on. >>> caroline kennedy's personal financial records released for the first time. >>> james dimaggio leaves life insurance money to hannah anderson's family. >>> legendary dick vandyke survives an accident. prince will criminal dwush william gushes about baby george. david beckham gets back to business and the marine gets the ncaa to bend. >>> good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. we start in the west where it's man versus nature. firefighters report some progress in that massive growing wildfire in central idaho. the flames are threatening at least three communities, forcing thousands to flee. jay gray reports from near the fire line in haley, idaho. >> reporter: the fight against the beaver creek wildfire continues for a 13th day this morning in the idaho mountains. the massive blaze fanning out in several directions right now, pushed by strong winds and with no shortage of dried out brush for f
in history could spend the rest of his life in prison. melissa mollet joins us live from washington. >> good morning, mara. this hearing in just about five hours. 10:00 this morning bradley manning will know how much of his life he will spend in a military prison. of course he has already been behind bars for about 3 1/2 years. the 25-year-old former intelligence analyst was convicted in july of leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to we canky leaks. his case of course considered the largest leak of classified documents in history. he's been found guilty of 20 criminal charges, now facing up to 90 years in jail. as i mentioned, he's already served 3 1/2 years. prosecutors asking the u.s. army colonel to sentence manning to 60 years in jail. his attorney asking for leniency, about 25 years instead. manning has said he's sorry for his actions and for hurting the united states. >> all right, melissa mollet, thanks so much. >>> turning to a chilling revelation in an oklahoma shooting, prosecutors say three teenagers targeted, shot and killed 22-year-old christopher lane simply b
in the air between the u.s. and russia. tracie potts joins us live now from washington with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, they're filling that chill here on capitol hill. interestingly though, republicans and democrats are supporting the president but republican house speaker john boehner, he says this is proof that relationship between the u.s. and rush why has collapsed. >> and first impression they got -- >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry and chuck hagel are set to meet their russian counterparts in russia tomorrow even though preb canceled his moscow summit with russian president vladimir putin. >> we were not at the point in our progress on a number of these issues where a summit at the presidential level was the most constructive step. >> reporter: there are disagreements over arms control and human rights. but the last straw was russia giving whistle-blower richard snowden asylum for a year. president obama said this relationship has been on thin ice for years. >> they slipped back in the cold war and the cold war mentality. and what i consistently say
it is still out of control right now. just for some perspective. that does it for us tonight, we'll see you again tomorrow night from our undisclosed location on the road that you probably are already figuring out in your mind. >>> good it thursday morning. right now on "first look". the incredible 911 call between police and the hero that prevented the georgia school shooting. >>> unspeakable images coming from syria as the world demands to know if chemical weapons were used. >>> the girlfriend of the gunned down australian baseball player speaks out. >>> plus, army private bradley manning gets 35 years, but may only serve seven. >>> playstation 4 versus xbox 1. prepare for battle. >>> and just another day at the beach in russia. >> good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. disturbing images out of syria of a suspected deadly gas attack. they're difficult to watch, but syrian rebels say they are important to show. it's alleged evidence of what may be the worst chemical weapons attack anywhere in the world in more than 20 years. the syrian government denies using the chemical weapons
, come o >>> good friday morning. right now on "first look," contemplating action. could the u.s. go it alone with a military strike against "today" sad regime. >>> rattled, nfl's almost $800 million settlement over concussion lawsuits. >>> high times. the department of justice has a whole new outlook on marijuana and it's no buzz kill. >>> plus an angry axe wielding neighbor lashes out at a local teen. >>> the aconvenient gears have a new villain. >> your willing to go 415 into the sky and then fall back to earth at 90 miles per hour the? the u.s. is ready for possible solo action against syria. chuck hagel spoke with congressional leaders on thursday. it detailed the administration's evidence against the assad regime. lawmakers from both parties are pressuring the president for legal rationale. >> the president is going to have to make his case to the congress and to the american people, i think, before he takes any action. >> but new york congressman elliot engel tells nbc news in part there's ample precedent for the president to initially take action without having a formal vote
the planning that's going on, very reminiscent of what we saw pre 9/11. >> reporter: according to two top u.s. officials the terror plot could include one large attack or simultaneous attacks around the world, but the intelligence still isn't crystal clear. from cairo to kabul are bracing themselves. although the streets of kabul were closed, the embassies are on high alert. the threat is coming directly from al qaeda based in yemen, a terror group that has gotten stronger in recent years. >> it's more dangerous because now we have 2.0 or 3.0 which is widely dispersed. >> reporter: meanwhile the department of homeland security is asking for tighter screening of overseas flight. fresh debate about the nsa's surveillance officials say tipped them off about this latest threat. >> it is scary. al qaeda is on the rise in this part of the world. the nsa program has proven its worth yet again. >> you have to be very careful about how much you represent that any particular program has contributed to our security. >> reporter: kristen welker, nbc news, washington. >>> alex rodriguez may be banned from
. while many of us are preparing for the weekend, firefighters in northern california are battling a rapidly growing wildfire near yosemite national park. it is called the rim fire, and it grew overnight covering about 64,000 acres up from 16,000 just 24 hours earlier. the park remains open and mostly smoke-free. on thursday, governor jerry brown issued a state of emergency. the declaration frees up money and resources for the 1800 firefighters on the ground. so far, nine structures have been damaged, 2,500 remain threatened. >>> let's take to you syria where more horrific images are servicing from what syrian rebels are calling a mass chemical attack but the claims are still not verified. >> if these reports are true, it would be an outrageous and flag grant escalation of use of chemical weapons by the regime, so our source is on nailing down the facts. >> more than 100,000 are dead and nearly 2 million refugees from that. nbc's yousef gamal el-din is in cairo. yousef, what's the latest there? >> reporter: the betty, the numbers are shocking the community and there's certainly a
. >>> a proposed merger high in the sky has been put in a holding pattern, united and us airways had a agreed earlier this year to merge. now the government said not so fast. we're live in washington with all of the details. >> reporter: good morning. the concern is this merger would create a lack of competition and rising prices. reagan international, this airline would control 69% of takeoffs and landings. to fly under a new logo could be permanently grounded. they're suing to stop the merger. >> they tend to contract the markets, less routes, higher prices. >> reporter: in a joint statement, the airways are vowing to fight back. blocking this procompetitive merger will deny customers access to a broader airline. >> not only become a bigger airline but also something so much greater. >> reporter: the deal would have been the latest airline megamerger following united delta. >> this industry has a track record of too many planes and too many records. it's going be a badly damaged industry. >> reporter: at airports around the country passengers have been worried. >> when northwest and delta m
father, after an elaborate back country rescue. >>> eric holder set to announce a major shift in u.s. drug policy. >>> one person still missing after a fast-moving mudslide tears through a colorado town. >>> a spectacular show in the night sky. >>> and why diamonds aren't just a girl's best friend anymore. >>> good morning. so nice to see you. we begin with new details after a dramatic end to a week-long manhunt out west. the search for a teenager after targeting of her family is over. hannah anderson has been reunited with her father. jay gray has details. >> reporter: a group of horseback riders were the first to spot james lee dimaggio and hannah anderson, in the idaho backwoods on thursday. >> when we went up the trail a little ways, i told these guys, there was something wrong there. just wasn't right. >> reporter: the riders called police, giving teams a place to search in the wilderness. federal agents hiked 2 1/2 hours through the rugged terrain and moved in. >> they waited until the two were separate. ensuring hannah's safety. that's when they moved in to make that rescue. >
the unauthorized surveillance of americans or foreign intelligence targets in the u.s. ranging from significant violations of law to typos resulting in unintended interception of communications. in a statement, the agency said in part "when nsa makes a mistake in carrying out its foreign intelligence mission, the agency reports it to oversee overseers. edward snowden they say provided them the documents earlier this summer. in a statement to the huffington post he said the media is being "miss led about his situation." he said his father and father's wife and attorney do not represent him in any way. >>> turning now overseas to egypt, marches are planned for today in the wake of a deadly government crackdown earlier this week. right now more than 600 protesters are confirmed dead in clashes with security forces. president obama has issued a stern rebuke to egypt's leaders. nbc is in cairo with the very latest. >> we are about an hour away from friday prayers. it's been a tense morning in cairo and across the country with sporadic clashes and continued fatalities. the death toll we cannot confir
of what happened. >> reporter: understanding. >> how it's time for us to grieve and move on to the healing process. >> reporter: that may be most difficult for those closest to the tragedy. jay gray, nbc news. >>> an update on that fall from grace for paula deen. on monday, a federal judge threw out part of a lawsuit from one of her restaurant managers. that suit claimed that deen and her brother promoted a racist work environment. s but that manager is white, the judge said she had no standing to sue on the basis of race. a spokeswoman for deen said they were pleased with the ruling and, quote, as ms. deen has stated before, she is confident that those who truly know how she lives her life know that she believes in equal opportunity, kindness and fairness for everyone. >>> a long reign of terror followed by 16 years on the run as one of america's most wanted, mob boss james whitey bulger has been convicted of being involved in a string of murders and other crimes after a trial that riveted boston and much of the nation. here's kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: after more than 32 hours of del
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Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)

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